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MBTI Necklace:INTJ
MBTI Necklace:INTJ
MBTI Necklace:INTJ
MBTI Necklace:INTJ
MBTI Necklace:INTJ
MBTI Necklace:INTJ
MBTI Necklace:INTJ
MBTI Necklace:INTJ
MBTI Necklace:INTJ
MBTI Necklace:INTJ
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MBTI Necklace:INTJ

Architect Personality
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Calling all INTJs - the analytical and strategic minds of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator! This captivating necklace is thoughtfully crafted to complement your sharp intellect and visionary nature. Adorned with raw Amethyst stones and featuring an innovative Hollow Cone pendant with a sparkling Zircon inside, this accessory symbolizes your quest for knowledge and your ability to see beyond the surface.


Genuine Amethyst Raw Stones:

This necklace showcases raw Amethyst stones, renowned for their stunning purple hues and metaphysical properties. As an INTJ, the Amethyst's insightful energy resonates with your love for wisdom, encouraging introspection and deep thinking.


Hollow Cone with Zircon Pendant:

The necklace features a unique Hollow Cone pendant with a dazzling Zircon nestled inside. The Hollow Cone represents your curiosity and desire to explore the unknown, while the Zircon inside symbolizes your ability to uncover hidden truths and see things from multiple perspectives.


Innovative Design:

The combination of raw Amethyst stones and the Hollow Cone with Zircon pendant reflects your constant pursuit of knowledge and your drive to innovate in all aspects of life.


Versatile Style:

Whether you're showcasing your intellectual prowess at work or adding a touch of intrigue to your casual look, this necklace effortlessly complements your distinctive style and personality.


Thoughtful Gift:

Surprise the INTJ in your life with this inspiring necklace. Its symbolism and innovative design make it an ideal gift for birthdays, graduations, or to celebrate their boundless curiosity and intellect.


Empowering Energy:

The fusion of raw Amethyst stones and the Hollow Cone with Zircon pendant infuses the necklace with an empowering energy, reminding you to embrace your visionary nature and continue making a positive impact on the world.


Embrace your intellectual prowess and let this Amethyst raw stone necklace with a Hollow Cone and Zircon pendant be a reflection of your insatiable thirst for knowledge and your determination to see beyond the ordinary, dear INTJ. Wear it as a reminder of your exceptional ability to uncover profound insights and create innovative solutions.



Each Amethyst stone is unique, ensuring that the necklace you receive will be one-of-a-kind, just like the exceptional INTJ spirit it represents!






14k gold plated copper



42cm+5cm extension



Jewelry Care:

Please remove jewelry when sleeping, showering or swimming. Put the jewelry back to its storage box when not in use.Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight and high temperature.



We carefully package items with gift box, and we are happy to write a handwritten gift message for you if the occasion calls for it. Please simply leave us your instructions in the note section at checkout.