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Peace Dove Necklace
Peace Dove Necklace
Peace Dove Necklace
Peace Dove Necklace
Peace Dove Necklace
Peace Dove Necklace
Peace Dove Necklace
Peace Dove Necklace
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Peace Dove Necklace

Minimalist dove with pearl necklace. My wish is, the peace of the world.
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In skies of azure, a gentle creature flies,

A harbinger of peace beneath cerulean skies.

With wings outstretched, in tranquil flight,

The peace dove soars, a beacon of light.


Graceful arcs, as clouds part in awe,

A dance of tranquility, free from strife's claw.

Eyes reflecting the hope of a world reborn,

Where swords are silenced, and love is sworn.


Through valleys of turmoil, it gently glides,

Over mountains of hatred, where hope subsides.

Its coo, a melody of love and compassion,

A symphony for nations in harmonious fashion.


In hearts burdened by the weight of despair,

The peace dove whispers, a solace to share.

Soft as petals, a calming presence it weaves,

Binding wounds, mending what hatred conceives.




Freshwater pearl

14k gold plated copper



42cm+5cm extension


Jewelry Care:

Please remove jewelry when sleeping, showering or swimming. Put the jewelry back to its storage box when not in use.Avoid long exposure to direct sunlight and high temperature.



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